Introducing the 2021 STEP Water Webinar Series

A series of 13 FREE webinars delivered by industry experts, and focused on a range of
topics in green stormwater infrastructure and erosion management.

Professional Development Training

Register today for training courses led by conservation authority staff members and industry professionals with experience designing, constructing, maintaining and monitoring sustainable technologies in Canada.

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Building Business Case for Municipal Natural Assets (FREE)

T. Koveshnikova,  L. Moretto,  A. Tariq  2021   |   Presentations, Videos & Webcasts


Climate change resiliencePlanning and developmentProtecting and Restoring Natural FeaturesThermal mitigation

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How Bad Is Bad: A Novel Approach to Evaluating Geohazard Risks along Watercourses (FREE)

D. Friesen,  H. Amirault  2021   |   Presentations, Videos & Webcasts

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Erosion and sediment controlInspection and maintenanceProtecting and Restoring Natural FeaturesWatershed planning

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Highway Stormwater Runoff Quality: Investigation of Improved Operational, Predictive and Treatment Approaches for Winter Maintenance

B. Trenouth  2019   |   Presentations, Videos & Webcasts


Cold climate researchEducation and outreachErosion and sediment controlLow impact developmentPlanning and developmentProtecting and Restoring Natural FeaturesSalt managementWater quality

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Isolating In Water and Near Water Works

M. Parish,  E. Bearss  2016   |   Presentations, Videos & Webcasts


Education and outreachErosion and sediment controlPlanning and developmentPollution PreventionProtecting and Restoring Natural Features

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), in partnership with the Canadian Chapter of the International Erosion Control Association (IECA), is pleased to announce that recordings of all 31 webinars from the TRIECA 2020 Webinar Series are now available for purchase on the TRIECA website.