Certified Inspector of Sediment and Erosion Control (CISEC) Membership Renewal Fees

Renewal Process:

Renewals on this page are for full CISEC registrants only.  CISEC-IT registrants can renew here.

All CISEC registrants must submit an annual renewal payment, at least 12 CDHs, and a Re-Certification Contract by September 30th of each year.  To complete the membership renewal process you are required to complete the CAN-CISEC Renewal Payment Form which you are encouraged to electronically edit.

All CAN-CISEC Renewal Payment Forms should be signed and submitted to Amanda Slaght at amanda.slaght@trca.ca, or mailed to the address below.

  • Attn: Amanda Slaght, C/O Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)
    101 Exchange Avenue, Vaughan, Ontario L4K 5R6

For your convenience the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) now allows you to pay your CAN-CISEC membership fees online. Current Year (2019-2020) Renewal Fee is $90.00.  Please note an additional late fee of $35.00 will be now be applied to all orders after October 31, 2019.   After December 1, 2019, an additional reinstatement fee of $90 will be applied to all outstanding payments.  If you pay your CAN-CISEC membership fees online, please indicate your online payment booking ID on your CAN-CISEC Renewal Payment Form.


Additional Information:

If you have any questions about your CISEC renewal or any outstanding fees from past years, please contact Amanda Slaght at amanda.slaght@trca.ca.

CAN-CISEC Renewal Payment Form

TRCA HST Registration number is 10808 8584 RT001