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About STEP

Working towards a more sustainable future by facilitating adoption of green
technologies through monitoring, research, and knowledge sharing.

NEW Erosion and Sediment Control Guide for Urban Construction

The latest on best management practices, erosion risk
assessment and turbidity targets for construction projects

The latest strategies for mitigating thermal impacts to cold water fisheries

From cooling trenches to geothermal systems, learn about all the new and established practices
that are helping to cool water from stormwater ponds.
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Evaluating multi-split air source heat pumps

A cost-effective and low-carbon alternative to electric baseboard
heating in multi-unit residential buildings
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Introducing the next generation of the
Low Impact Development Stormwater
Management Planning and Design Guide
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Heating and Cooling

As part of a four-project series aimed at examining high-impact carbon saving technologies,
STEP is evaluating a gas-absorption heat pump at the Archetype Sustainable House.
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The Low Impact Development Treatment Train Tool

A conceptual tool for modelling volume and contaminant reductions
associated with LID and treatment trains in real world scenarios.

The Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP) is a conservation authority-led initiative that fosters broader implementation of technologies that protect water resources and reduce our carbon footprint.




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