Erosion and Sediment Control Practices Evaluation

Pondembankments_Apr3_08This 3 year study evaluated structural and non-structural approaches to improving the practice of erosion and sediment control (ESC) on construction sites.  The effectiveness of on-site structural controls, electronic inspection communication methods, and staged ESC planning was evaluated through three distinct components of this study; quantitative and qualitative field monitoring of the performance of conventional and innovative structural erosion and sediment controls, demonstration of ESC plan staging and documentation of successes and challenges, piloting of a web-based inspection tool for improved communication of inspection outcomes to project team members and governing agency representatives

The study provided recommendations targeted towards improving ESC practice in three key ways:

  • Advancing practice in the field by promoting the best available methods, bringing new technologies forward, and facilitating practitioner training
  • Increasing transparency in ESC plan design, inspection and reporting, and fostering co-operation between the industry and regulatory agencies
  • Increasing accountability and clarifying each party’s roles and responsibilities

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Monteverde Way, Woodbridge