Erosion and Sediment Control Guide for Urban Construction

Since the release of the 2006 GGHA Conservation Authorities Erosion and Sediment Control Guideline for Urban Construction, there have been many significant changes related to the practice of erosion and sediment control (ESC), including more training programs, new policies for the protection of species at risk, legislative changes, emergence of new products and techniques, and advancements in our knowledge of optimal application of best practices.

To address this evolution, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has developed the updated Erosion and Sediment Control Guide for Urban Construction. The update is meant to be concise, relevant and solution-oriented, and based on the most current research and knowledge gathered from industry practitioners. Content highlights in the new Guide include a qualitative erosion risk assessment framework, updated information on best practices for in water projects, recommendations on low impact development protection during construction, and guidance on ESC performance monitoring and turbidity targets.

It is anticipated that this new Guide will be formally adopted by TRCA as a replacement for the 2006 GGHA Guideline in September 2020.  Over the next several months leading up to this date, TRCA will be implementing a roll out plan which will include the provision of training opportunities for industry practitioners and other stakeholders.  Setting this future adoption date and offering training in advance will provide opportunity for proponents who submit development applications to become familiar with the new guidance before they are required to apply it in their submissions.

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Download the Erosion and Sediment Control Guide for Urban Construction.