Smarter Home Heating

Have you heard about air-source heat pumps (ASHPs)?

They can both heat and cool your home. Some ASHP options can be cost-competitive with traditional systems (or even lower cost) and also reduce your heating and cooling bills. They are also more eco-friendly than traditional systems because they produce fewer harmful carbon emissions. They’ve been around for decades but modern advancements have improved the cold-climate performance in some models.

Based on 2-years of consultation with energy advisors, contractors, homeowners, and industry experts, we’ve prepared some ASHP resources for Ontario Homeowners.

  1. For a quick summary of ASHPs check out our Fast Facts
  2. Our Quick Tips document provides pointers for a successful installation
  3. See our homeowner Testimonials to hear what actual ASHP owners are saying
  4. To go in-depth on actual retrofits visit our Case Studies
  5. Ask us a question about ASHPs at our Homeowner Portal
  6. Find us in the Media or view some Recorded Webinars in the sidebar
  7. In this report, we calculated savings for eight homes participating in Enbridge and London Hydro’s smart-switching hybrid air-source heat pump pilot in London, ON




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