Evaluation of an Extensive Green Roof


This 3 year study initiated in 2002 on the green roof of York University’s Computer Science and Engineering building was one of the first studies to research the stormwater management and biodiversity benefits of greenroof technology within cold weather climates. It compared a green roof (garden) and a conventional shingled roof.

The portion of the roof which makes up the study area is covered by two surfaces: conventional shingles, referred to as the control roof, and the garden. Both roof surfaces have a 10% slope. The control roof (131 m2) is just over half the size of the 241 m2 garden. The garden consists of 140 mm of growing media and is vegetated with wildflowers. The growing media is composed of crushed volcanic rock, compost, blonde peat, cooked clay and washed sand. It was designed to be light weight, retain water and resist compaction.

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