Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program- County Court

TRCA, in partnership with City of Brampton and Region of Peel, are working with local residents and businesses to implement the County Court Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program (SNAP): a plan to build a sense of community, make the neighbourhood more environmentally friendly, and prepare it for the impacts of climate change. County Court was the first SNAP to be developed as part of TRCA’s Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program, which now includes multiple SNAPs in Brampton and more than a dozen across the entire Greater Toronto Area, led by TRCA and others.

Strategic Action Plan projects as part of County Court SNAP include:
• Retrofit of the Upper Nine stormwater management pond
• Bioretention within Boulevards, including a pilot bio-filter swale along County Court Boulevard
• Green Home renovation and ecological landscape interventions
• Green parking lot design, including the Provincial court house
• Habitat restoration along the creek and golf courses
• Establishment of a healthy urban forest
• County Court Park renewal to better suit local recreation needs and integrate environmental education features and community gathering space
• Neighbourhood-scale resilience and adaptation planning through the Climate Ready County Court

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County Ct Blvd, Brampton