Queensway Sustainable Sidewalk Project

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The Queensway Sustainable Sidewalk project, constructed in 2008, was initiated to address the disturbance of street tree roots associated with removing sidewalks for utility cuts. The design includes two underground bioretention areas supporting four trees, constructed in the parking lay-by on the north side of the street. It is the first installation of the Silva Cell system in the world where stormwater was routed into soil cells for the purpose of filtering the water and quality control. Stormwater management performance was and street tree health were evaluated.

Located in a primarily commercial area, the two biorentention systems are located in the parking lay-by between Moynes and Berl Avenues on north side of The Queensway. All of the surface runoff from the roadway and adjacent sidewalk  can be directed to the bioretention systems though typical stormwater catchbasins.

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658 The Queensway, Toronto