Performance Evaluation of Rainwater Harvesting Systems – Residential

Minto 1This 3.5 year study evaluates the benefits and limitations of rainwater harvesting systems for water conservation and stormwater management under water use and precipitation conditions typical of the Greater Toronto Area.  Three rainwater harvesting systems were monitored as part of this study, representing commercial, high rise residential and institutional land uses.  The data was used to create models which could simulate conditions during a ‘normal’ precipitation year.

Completed in early 2007, Minto Development’s high rise residential apartment building located at 150 Roehampton Avenue in Toronto is the first multi-residential building to achieve LEED™ Gold certification .  The building includes a simplified domestic style RWH system to flush 3 toilets in public use areas, provide water for grounds irrigation, cool heated street level runoff (with overflows) and provide temporary stormwater detention for rooftop drainage. The RWH system was designed as a pilot project to assess the effectiveness of the technology, and to determine whether or not the design could be scaled up for larger applications in future Minto developments and retrofits.

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150 Roehampton Ave., Toronto