Performance Evaluation of Rainwater Harvesting Systems – Commercial

Metro 1This 3.5 year study evaluates the benefits and limitations of rainwater harvesting systems for water conservation and stormwater management under water use and precipitation conditions typical of the Greater Toronto Area.  Three rainwater harvesting systems were monitored as part of this study, representing commercial, high rise residential and institutional land uses.  The data was used to create models which could simulate conditions during a ‘normal’ precipitation year.

The Metro Label facility is certified as ‘silver’ under the LEED™ green building rating system.  This new building design incorporates sustainable site planning, innovative wastewater technologies, a heat recovery system, use of recycled construction materials, and indoor environmental quality.  Part of the water conservation plan includes the use of an 18 m2 rainwater collection cistern to reduce municipally supplied potable water for flushing toilets and manual irrigation.  Rainwater collected from a 968 m2 section of the roof is directed to 4 pressurization tanks and then to 6 toilets and 2 external hose bibs, resulting in a reduction in water use for sewage conveyance. Other water use reduction features include waterless urinals and ultra low-flow fountains and faucets.

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