Performance Assessment of an Open and Covered Stormwater Wetland System

Aurora WetlandThis study was conducted on a 1.2 hectare stormwater wetland in Aurora, Ontario.  The facility was designed and constructed in 1988 as a dry pond, but it evolved into a wetland as moist conditions attracted aquatic plants.  A modification to the outlet of the facility increased the detention capacity and became unique in its combination of both pond and wetland features.  In addition a green house was constructed to evaluate if it could provide improved treatment in comparison to the external wetland.

The study results indicated that the facility provided good hydraulic control of peak flows and adequate levels for treatment for most pollutants.  Extending the time the stormwater was detained due to the modifcation of the outlet structure is considered to be a key factor in pollutant removal.  Though the green house had higher air temperatures and extended growing seasons compared to the external wetland it did not provide improved treatment.

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McClellan Way, Aurora