Performance Evaluation of a High Rate Treatment Bioretention Filter

This 2 year study initiated in 2017 evaluates the performance of a proprietary bioretention filtration system (Filterra®) for reduction of stormwater runoff volumes and pollutant loads. The Filterra® bioretention is designed as a low impact development (LID) practice intended for decentralized small drainage areas throughout a site, allowing for high rate treatment of stormwater runoff in a compact system.

Installed at the entrance to Earth Rangers building at Kortright in Vaughan in January 2017, the unit is designed to capture stormwater runoff and filter the water through a specially designed reactive filter media. Stormwater is directed to the unit via a 76 m long asphalt gutter that was installed adjacent to a 277 m2 section of road.  Stormwater that passes through the system is captured and discharged via an underdrain at the bottom of the unit.

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