Evaluation of Underground Stormwater Infiltration Systems – Mayfield Industrial Park site


The Mayfield Industrial Park infiltration trench system is installed below parking and landscaped areas in an industrial/commercial development in Bolton, Ontario.  It is composed of 4 rectangular infiltration trenches that receive roof runoff from 2 buildings.

This site was selected for a 3 year study that evaluated the effectiveness of 3 different underground stormwater infiltration systems constructed over fine-textured glacial till soils and draining runoff from industrial/commercial developments located in the Greater Toronto Area.  The performance of the systems was assessed relative to their design objectives and capacity to reduce runoff through infiltration. The runoff reduction performance of each system was examined relative to original design objectives.  The systems monitored in Richmond Hill and Bolton treat roof drainage only and were designed to infiltrate a quantity of runoff equivalent to what would have infiltrated over the lot prior to development during an average year.  The third system in Brampton treats both roof drainage and parking lot runoff and was designed for detention and controlled release of flows to a conventional storm sewer system with the opportunity for infiltration.

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