Edwards Gardens parking lot retrofit

SAM_0417REdwards Gardens is a public park owned by the City of Toronto and is located adjacent to Toronto Botanical Gardens and Wilket Creek Park.  It has the largest parking lot in Toronto’s park which unfortunately was a major source of urban runoff to Wilket Creek during storm events, increasing erosion, elevating flooding risk, and degrading downstream water quality and aquatic habitat.  So in 2011 it was decided to retrofit the parking lot to a more sustainable design to address stormwater management concerns.

The site features several LID practices including bioretention areas with native plantings in the traffic islands, permeable pavement parking areas and pedestrian paths.  This innovative project serves as a model of green parking lot design in accordance with the Toronto Green Standard and demonstrates that stormwater management goals can be achieved without sacrificing functional or aesthetic value.  It also complements the Toronto Botanical Garden’s LEED® Silver rated certified building which includes a green roof and a rainwater harvesting system for low-drip irrigation.

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777 Lawrence Ave. E., North York