Earth Rangers Centre

ER SignThe Earth Rangers Centre is one of the most efficient buildings in the world, using nearly 90% less energy than other buildings of similar size. A multitude of innovative green building strategies are showcased, spanning the themes of renewable energy production, energy efficiency, water conservation, wastewater treatment, stormwater management, information technology and indoor comfort.  As a demonstration site for green technology and sustainable operation, the Earth Rangers Centre is committed to education and knowledge sharing through on-site tours.

The Low Impact Development (LID) features include rainwater harvesting, permeable pavements, bioretentions, green roofs, downspout disconnections and water-efficient landscaping.  The site has been visited multiple times as part of STEP LID Studies over the years including the Performance Evaluation of a Bioretention System and as part of the STEP permeable pavement projects listed below.


Performance Evaluation of Permeable Pavement and a Bioretention Swale

Webpage       │       Full report       │       Project fact sheet

Evaluation of Permeable Pavements in Cold Climates

Webpage      │       Full report      │       Technical Brief


9520 Pine Valley Dr, Woodbridge