Wind Test Site

wind turbine at Kortright Centre

The Living Labs at Kortright Centre include Ontario’s only small-scale wind turbine test site, which features one vertical and four horizontal wind turbines with various rating powers installed at different hub heights.

A meteorological tower was set up to collect wind speed and direction data from eight different heights for the purpose of assessing the wind systems at the site.

A custom monitoring and data acquisition system provides live data logging and archiving capabilities for education and research.

wind turbines at Kortright Centre

The power generated by the wind turbines is compared to manufacturer rating curves and assessed in partnership with local universities.

Experienced staff from STEP conduct independent third-party product evaluations at this Lab.

This research yields valuable information on the performance of these technologies and helps to determine best practices for their operation and maintenance, which STEP disseminates to industry, government, academia and the general public.


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