Off Grid Learning Centre

off grid learning centre at Kortright

Our Off Grid Learning Centre was originally built more than 25 years ago to demonstrate a highly insulated, off-grid building.

The design was based on the original R-2000 concepts, consisting of R22 walls, an R12 slab perimeter, an R32 roof and double-glazed windows.

The building utilized passive solar design, and was heated by a wood burning stove, while connected to a 155 W PV system and a 400 W wind turbine.

We are currently in the process of refurbishing this building. Once the process is complete, the cottage will boast a durable, high-performance building envelope suitable for Northern climates.

off grid learning centre at Kortright

This Lab is intended to be used by academic research partners involved in advanced building design. The purpose: to explore questions related to innovative, high-performance, building envelopes.

Experienced staff from STEP conduct independent third-party product evaluations at this Lab.

This research yields valuable information on the performance of these technologies and helps to determine best practices for their operation and maintenance, which STEP disseminates to industry, government, academia and the general public.


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