Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program- West Bolton

The West Bolton Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program (SNAP) is located in Bolton, Caledon’s major urban centre, within the Humber River watershed. The neighbourhood is comprised of mostly residential properties, with pockets of commercial and institutional development. The neighbourhood is also includes parks, schools, green spaces and trails, and is transversed by Jaffary’s Creek, a tributary of the Humber River. The local demographic is a mix of young to middle-aged families and older couples, all ranging in cultural diversity.

The West Bolton SNAP will address critical municipal priorities, neighbourhood-specific issues and a variety of watershed and regional objectives across a range of theme areas that include:

  • Long-standing drainage and erosion issues in Jaffary’s Creek and the surrounding catchment.
  • Improved water balance and Low Impact Development (LID).
  • Watershed regeneration.
  • Regional urban forest and public health priorities.
  • Energy consumption hot spots.
  • Increased active transportation.

SNAP Caledon website


Connaught Cres., Bolton