Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program- Black Creek

The Black Creek Neighbourhood, located in Toronto’s northwest, is made up of high-rise residential buildings, single-family homes, as well as, parks and commercial and institutional developments.  The Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program (SNAP) has been developed with the community to transform the neighbourhood into a green, self-sufficient and healthy community.

The action plan:

  • finds ways to better manage rainwater to reduce basement flooding and restore more natural flows and stream conditions in Black Creek;
  • increases tree cover, in order to provide shade and shelter and improve local air quality;
  • helps residents and businesses save money by conserving energy or generating renewable energy;
  • encourages water conservation and the use of rain water for outdoor irrigation;
  • promotes the exapansion of urban agriculture to provide residents with easy access to healthy, local, organic produce; and
  • enhances natural areas, such as local parks, for the community to enjoy.
  • builds the residents’ capacity to lead and offers green job skills training

SNAP Black Creek website



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