Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program- Thornhill

The Thornhill Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Program (SNAP) neighbourhood is located in the City of Vaughan, York Region. The Thornhill SNAP is a comprehensive action plan for neighbourhood revitalization that integrates local community interests and sustainability objectives under the overarching theme of historically rich, culturally diverse, green and connected. This plan supports a future where the neighbourhood’s public and private spaces are well connected and rich with nature, activity, culture, history and art; where people of all ages and abilities feel comfortable, safe and engaged; where the built environment is created or retrofitted with health and sustainability in mind; and where community connections grow and prosper.
The Action Plan comprises three Integrated Action Areas, each with their own guiding principles and proposed initiatives as outlined below.

  • Connected People, Places and Ecosystems, such as Green Infrastructure Planning, Active Transportation Planning, Park and Open Space Planning, and Educational, Cultural, and Community Programming
  • Residential Retrofits
  • Greening and Humanization of Commercial and Institutional Properties and Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Thornhill SNAP website


Centre St., Thornhill