Performance Assessment of a Stormwater Retrofit Pond

In 1995, the Town of Richmond Hill converted its Harding Park Stormwater Management Facility from a water quantity dry pond to a multi-celled wetpond/wetland designed to improve stormwater quality and meet current erosion control objectives, while maintaining its original quantity control function.  The overall objective of this study was to provide guidance to urban planners, designers and owners of stormwater facilities concerning the design, performance, and maintenance of stormwater retrofit ponds.

The retrofit facility incorporates three cells in series: a small sediment forebay, larger wet pond and small wetland. The pond and forebay cover a 0.7 hectare area and have a total storage capacity of 2965 m3 consisting of a 1015 m3 permanent pool and 1950 m3 of active (or extended detention) storage.

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Weldrick Rd E, Richmond Hill