Fairford Parkette, Toronto Green Streets

The Fairford Parkette opened in the fall of 2015 at the intersection of Fairford Avenue and Coxwell Avenue.  Originally identified as an area needing pedestrian improvements the City took the opportunity when constructing the upgrades to include some Green Infrastructure in the design.  The re-designed intersection includes a parkette with a trench drain system for bioretention planters, bicycle parking and seating areas.  The project is an Official Toronto Green Streets completed as a partnership between City Planning and Toronto Water.

The Fairford Parkette Green Streets Pilot consists of a bioretention area that treats and infiltrates stormwater runoff from the adjacent roads.  The site is designed so that the public can see how the stormwater moves through the system which can help to enhance public comprehension and support of green infrastructure.  The system offers the benefits of improving runoff quality, delaying peak flows and reducing the total volume of runoff discharged into the storm sewer system.  In addition to improving stormwater management, the retrofit also improves aesthetics and the functionality of the area as a public space.

Case Study


Fairford Ave., Toronto