Bioretention Solutions to be Monitored at Living Labs

21 Feb 2017 | Under News | Posted by | 0 Comments
Picture of Filterra Biorentention System

Filterra® Biorentention System

Recent activity at the Living Labs has included the installation of a Filterra® Bioretention System from Imbrium Systems

The Filterra Biorentention System is designed to capture stormwater runoff and filter the water through specially designed filter media mixture for the purpose of capturing and immobilizing pollutants.

The stormwater runoff flows through engineered biofiltration media, a specified gradation of washed aggregate and organic material homogeneously blended under strict quality controlled conditions, and into an under drain system at the bottom of the container, where the treated water is discharged.

“Imbrium Systems is excited about the Filterra bioretention system, as it provides an avenue to demonstrate LID technology in Ontario to advance the effective use of field performance technology through research, outreach and advocacy,” said Reagan Davidson, Regional Manager, Imbrium Systems. “We are excited to gain more research, and showcase the technology by partnering with the STEP team and help promote and reduce the barriers to market entry.”

Watch how it works here.

Overall, the Filterra Bioretention System allows for water to be treated at the source and follows management practices that are suited for low impact development.

Experienced staff from the Sustainable Technologies Evaluation Program (STEP) have been commissioned and will be monitoring the discharged water for quality and levels of pollutants once the water has passed through the filter media. Results of tests will be compiled and compared to the manufacturer’s advertised offerings, and will be shared with the public at the conclusion of the monitoring process.

“High rate stormwater treatment filtration devices such as the Imbrium Filterra® Bioretention System offer potential cost and space saving advantages over conventional low flow rate bioretention systems on development sites where water quality treatment is the primary stormwater control objective,” said Tim Van Seters, Senior Manager, STEP.

“The planned research conducted by STEP at the Living Labs will help validate manufacturer treatment performance claims for the Filterra unit as well as document inspection and maintenance requirements.”

The monitoring of the Filterra Bioretention System is just one of many ongoing partnerships and research programs. STEP is often commissioned to provide third party evaluation and verification of the performance of sustainable water and energy technologies.  You can learn more about STEP’s ongoing research programs and results HERE.