Webinar – Real-Time Water Quality Monitoring: a How-To Guide (Previously Recorded)

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Estimated time requirement: 1 hour
Instructor: Lorna Murison and Jan Siwierski

Course Description

CVC has been monitoring water quality in real-time since 2010. The program aims to fill in the gaps left by traditional grab and event sampling and to inform us of water quality changes 24/7 during and in between storm events. This data helps the conservation authority to better understand water quality in its jurisdiction and to study the impacts caused by climate change and land-use change now and into the future. The program also enables CVC to identify and respond to spills and waste water treatment plant bypasses, and to get a full picture of the impacts of these events on water quality.

This webinar provides a detailed description of how the network operates and what is involved in station setup and ongoing operation. We go through all the steps involved including site selection, infrastructure installation, sensor selection, telemetry, and data management. We present some of the key findings from our monitoring to-date as it relates to chloride concentrations, loading estimates, and more. We also share key lessons learned from our 8 years of experience running this network.


Who Should Attend?

This webinar is intended for Municipalities, Conservation Authorities, consultants, and other practitioners interested in water quality monitoring and who would like to explore the workings of a real-time water quality monitoring network


Learning Objectives:

1. Learn how real-time water quality data can benefit your organization
2. Learn the key steps involved in setting up a real-time water quality monitoring station or network of stations
3. Understand the financial and time requirements of setting up and maintaining a real-time water quality monitoring station or network of stations


Additional information:

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