Webinar: Rain City Strategy: An Innovative Rainwater Management Plan for the City of Vancouver (Previously Recorded)

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Estimated time requirement: 60 minutes
Instructor: Melina Scholefield, P. Eng.  Manager, Green Infrastructure Implementation, City of Vancouver


Rain is a way of life in the City of Vancouver.  However as the City continues to experience growth and climate change, there is a need for new, innovative and holistic approaches to rainwater management.   In November 2019, City Council unanimously approved the Rain City Strategy, an ambitious green infrastructure and urban rainwater management initiative.   This strategy will help the City to take action on the climate emergency, combined sewer overflows, ecosystem health and services, and aging grey infrastructure.
The Rain City Strategy re-imagines how rainwater is managed in an urban form, representing a significant opportunity to take bold strides toward becoming a water-sensitive city.  As part of the strategy, the City of Vancouver has set a design goal to capture and treat 48 mm of rainfall per day, representing approximately 90% of the rain that falls on the City.

Please join us for this 60 minute webinar that will take an in-depth look at the Rain City Strategy and its three accompanying action plans for streets and public spaces; buildings and sites; and parks and beaches.   These action plans outline the path the City of Vancouver intends to take to achieve its goals.  The webinar will also examine some of the programs, projects and initiatives already underway to help the City meet its target to capture and treat 48 mm of rainfall per day.  This includes policy development, testing of innovative technologies and looking at new planning approaches, such as blue-green roofs, and understanding how we can approach green rainwater infrastructure with an equity lens.  Finally, the webinar will look at how different departments at the City of Vancouver are working together to achieve the goals and targets of the city-wide Rain City Strategy.

Who Should Attend?

Engineers, planners, consultants, municipal staff, academics

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the goals and targets of the Rain City Strategy
  2. Describe the actions the City of Vancouver is taking to becoming a water-sensitive city.
  3. Relate how the Rain City Strategy can help other cities and towns across Canada achieve their rainwater management goals
  4. Learn how different departments and disciplines can work together to achieve organizational wide goals.

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