Webinar: Maintaining Stormwater Management Facilities – A How-To Guide (Previously Recorded)

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Estimated time requirement: 1 hour
Instructor:  Lisa Rocha


Course Description

This previously recorded webinar will provide a step-by-step guide to the cost-effective and timely planning and execution of sediment removal projects for stormwater management ponds and constructed wetlands. Topics covered will include: (i) methods for sampling and measuring sediment and forecasting accumulation, (ii) project planning, including permitting and approvals, (iii) the latest techniques for sediment removal and drying, and (iv) sediment reuse and disposal options. The webinar will provide useful tips and advice to help improve efficiency, minimize risk, and identify the best ways to save time and money on these kinds of projects.


Who Should Attend?

This webinar is intended for municipalities, landowners, developers, consultants, or anyone involved in the management and maintenance of these facilities.


Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the types of permits and approvals that apply to SWMF clean outs and identify the circumstances under which they would be required.
2. Know how, when and where to measure sediment and collect and analyze sediment samples from a SWMF
3. Understand how to most accurately forecast sediment accumulation and identify when maintenance is needed
4. Have knowledge of the different sediment removal and drying methods currently being used, and their benefits and limitations.
5. Understand the legislative framework and policies surrounding sediment reuse and the steps involved in determining what options are available.
6. Have the tools necessary to plan and implement a SWMF sediment removal project


Additional information:

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