The LID Practices Costing Tool uses Form Controls that may have stopped working for some users after a Microsoft Office update.  Users may find that after enabling the excel file for editing and content that they are unable to select LID practices.  If you are experiencing this problem please perform the following steps.

After updating, the cached control type libraries (extender files) may be out of sync. To resolve this issue, you must delete the cached versions of the control type libraries (extender files) on the client computer. To do this, perform a search on your hard disk for files that have the “.exd” file name extension and delete all the .exd files that you find. These .exd files will be re-created automatically when you use the new controls the next time that you use VBA. These extender files will be under the user’s profile and may also be in other locations, such as the following:
• %appdata%\microsoft\forms
• %temp%\excel8.0
• %temp%\word8.0
• %temp%\PPT11.0
• %temp%\vbe

• Ensure that your file extensions are viewable prior to performing the search.
• Close all Microsoft Office applications prior to deleting the files.
• If the search above does not find any .exd files and the issue persists:
o In Windows Explorer, open the %TEMP% folder, search for “MSForms.exd” in all subfolders and delete all instances of that file that are found (including those in the subfolders).
o Do the same for the %APPDATA% folder and subfolders.

Scripting solution:
Because this problem may affect more than one machine, it is also possible to create a scripting solution to delete the EXD files and run the script as part of the logon process using a policy. The script you would need should contain the following lines and would need to be run for each USER as the .exd files are USER specific.
del %temp%\vbe\*.exd
del %temp%\excel8.0\*.exd
del %appdata%\microsoft\forms\*.exd
del %appdata%\microsoft\local\*.exd
del %temp%\word8.0\*.exd
del %temp%\PPT11.0\*.exd

If this does not resolve your issue, please contact us at for more assistance.