Clean Water Collector System – Vaughan, Ontario


VaughanCWCpage_smallpicA pilot study of a Clean Water Collector (CWC) System was conducted by Clarifica Inc. in 2003 and 2004.  The purpose of the study was to test the technology and determine its effectiveness in enhancing groundwater recharge on lands undergoing development.  The final design of the CWC system is similar to other exfiltration systems with a perforated pipe and sand-filled trench within the road right-of-way, but in this case, it receives only ‘clean’ runoff from building roofs.  Runoff from the road, sidewalk and other impervious areas are directed to the standard municipal storm sewer.

The monitoring program consisted of flow meters at the inlet and outlet of the system, piezometers to measure capture volumes within the trench and groundwater responses, and a climate station for continuous monitoring of precipitation and air temperature.  Over the study period, the CWC system captured and infiltrated 100% of the roof runoff, even though several of the events monitored exceeded the 22 mm design storm volume of the system.

Image provided © Clarifica Inc.