Erosion and Sediment Control Field Training Facility – Living City Campus at Kortright

Field demonstration is an essential component of an effective Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) training program as it provides trainees with the opportunity to learn first-hand the purpose and proper application of various ESC products and how they should be installed and maintained.

An ESC Field Training Facility has been developed at the Kortright Centre as part of the Living City Campus.  The facility was designed to address a need for practical, targeted training aimed at construction and development industry professionals who design, implement, inspect and maintain ESC measures including contractors, design engineers, plan reviewers, inspectors and environmental monitors.

Providing an opportunity for applied training on the current best practices in construction sediment control allows industry professionals to make informed decisions to better protect natural features from construction impacts. Visit our Events and Training page for information on scheduled events.

Hydroseeding ESC Field Training 2013 1_small ESC Field Training 2013 2_small