Monitoring and Evaluation of the Reid’s Heritage Homes Discovery Net-Zero Energy Home


Energy conservation for buildings is becoming an area of increasing interest. Reducing energy consumption in buildings requires sustainable design, along with the implementation of efficient building technologies. With the addition of on-site renewable energy, a building can have the ability to generate its own power, and export any excess electricity to the grid. A Net-Zero Energy Home (NZEH) is a building in which the amount of energy imported from the electricity grid is equal to the amount of energy exported, on an annual basis. This project focuses on the monitoring and evaluation of the Discovery NZEH built under the ecoEII initiative “Integrating Renewables and Conservation Measures in a Net-Zero Energy Low-Rise Residential Subdivision”. SUMARAN Inc. and STEP have been working to outfit the home with an extensive monitoring system, designed to assess the performance of the Discovery NZEH.