Webinar – Grading, Drainage and Green Infrastructure (Previously Recorded)

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Estimated time requirement: 1 hour
Instructor: Jen Hill

Course Description

Twentieth-century best practices in stormwater management led to the burying and hiding of many water courses and natural drainage channels. In the 21st century we instead try to supplement stormwater sewers and enhance landscape hydrology with low impact development (LID), and green infrastructure (GI) practices.

This webinar will review regulatory guidance and best practices for areal grading, and for detailing drainage and grading to get water safely into LID practices. The various components of common vegetated LID structures will be presented with a commentary on the relationship and differences between each. These include: Bioretention, raingardens, stormwater planters, green roofs, stormwater tree pits and various types of swales.

To facilitate interdisciplinary working, a review of the Rational method will be presented, along with advice on how the landscaped and engineered components of LID work together to control flow and to promote natural water balance. This webinar will not focus on planting schemes; plant selection resources will be recommended and linked.


Learning Objectives

1) Understand different stormwater management targets.

2) Be able to identify opportunities for design collaboration to meet stormwater objectives.

3) Be able to evaluate design alternatives for LID practices and amend standard details to fit site constraints.

4) Know where to find tools and resources to help with design and decision making.


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