New Standards Help Build Resiliency Against Flooding

Presentation Overview:

Canadian communities are facing more and more challenges in protecting themselves against frequent and intense flooding events.

Now, more than ever, they need the tools to arm themselves against the impacts from flooding. Increasing resiliency to flooding will help communities return to normal functions more quickly after flooding events.

Two new CSA publications (one, a National Standard and one, guidance) were recently published to help municipalities build resiliency against flooding through flood resilient design of new residential communities and through the data on extreme precipitation events that aids that design.

CSA/W204 (released December 2019), Flood Resilient Design for New Residential Communities, provides requirements and recommendations at the broader community level and in greater detail, at the stormwater system level, with the ultimate objective to help protect against flood hazards.

CSA PLUS 4013 (2019) — TECHNICAL GUIDE: Development, interpretation, and use of rainfall intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) information: Guideline for Canadian water resources practitioners, has been designed for professionals with a role in the planning, design, management, inspection, and regulation of stormwater, drainage, wastewater, and flood management systems. The 2019 version of the guidance document has been updated with respect to how best to incorporate climate change into IDF information.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of the key elements of each standard and how they might benefit their community.
  • Learn how standards and guidance can help in building resilience against flooding.
  • Acquire an understanding of the complementary nature of the two standards and how they can build flood resilience.


Lynn Barber and Paul Steenhof, Canadian Standards Association

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