Webinar: Use of Polyacrylamides to Reduce Erosion and Improve Water Quality

Instructor: Kyla J. Iwinski and Lisa Rocha


Course Description

Anionic polyacrylamides (PAMs) are effectively used in erosion control, water clarification, mining, oil and gas, and pond-lake management applications. Anionic PAMs prevent erosion by facilitating agglomeration of soil particles, and remove suspended sediment, metals, and nutrients (i.e. inorganic phosphorus) from the water column through flocculation, resulting in improved water quality. In addition, anionic PAMs can be used in environmentally sensitive applications as they are non-toxic to aquatic organisms. This presentation will discuss multiple applications where anionic PAMs were used in conjunction with best management practices (BMPs) to prevent erosion and improve or maintain water quality in surrounding ponds, lakes, and streams. Specific applications will be the focus of this presentation and associated case studies including use of anionic PAMs for (1) demucking (pond clean out) and; (2) erosion control near riparian and ecologically sensitive areas (i.e. designated trout streams). An overview of the TRCA’s Anionic Polyacrylamide Application Guide for Urban Construction will also be provided.


Who Should Attend?

This webinar would benefit anyone involved in the design, application, inspection and maintenance of erosion and sediment control (ESC) measures that incorporate anionic polyacrylamide (PAM).


Learning Objectives:

1. How anionic polymer technologies are used to enhance current Best Management Practices.
2. How polymer enhanced BMPs can be used to meet rules and regulation and stay in compliance.
3. Why anionic polymers are safe for use compared to potentially harmful cationic polymers.
4. What current guidance documents recommend when using anionic polyacrylamides on urban construction sites.

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