Counting co-benefits: first STEPs

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Estimated time requirement: 1.5 hours

This webinar examines co-benefits in the context of low impact development (LID) stormwater management. In addition to providing stormwater management, LID practices generate multiple positive social, environmental, and financial outcomes given their incorporation of plants, trees and shrubs. These co-benefits are often cited as a reason for preferring LID stormwater management techniques to traditional grey, end-of-pipe measures. The thought is that LID facilities generate positive outcomes beyond managing stormwater, and that these benefits, if quantified and given an accurate monetary evaluation, would improve the business case for LID implementation.

STEP partners have recently conducted literature reviews which survey available co-benefit quantification methods and tools (co-benefit valuation software) and applied co-benefit quantification methods to pilot projects. Based on these initiatives, the webinar will:

  • Set the context for a productive conversation about co-benefits: what they are, and how they can be used to augment the business case for LID
  • Provide an overview of available methods for quantifying environmental co-benefits
  • Show how to apply co-benefit quantification methods to trees
  • Future initiatives to augment the LID Treatment Train Tool with co-benefit quantification functionality

Learning objectives

By taking this webinar, participants will:

  • Understand how to define co-benefits in a stormwater management planning context and understand how they can be used for evaluating competing stormwater infrastructure alternatives
  • Gain an understanding of available methods for quantifying the environmental co-benefits of LID
  • Learn about how to quantify the co-benefits of trees


Kyle Menken (CVC), Steve Auger (LSRCA), Michelle Sawka (TRCA), Yuestas David (TRCA)


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