Webinar – Beating the Green Infrastructure Cost Crunch (Previously Recorded)

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Estimated time requirement: 1 hour
Instructor: Kyle Vander Linden

Course Description

Over the last 2 years significant debate has arisen around the cost of green infrastructure (GI) in Ontario. Movement towards Provincial runoff volume retention targets and requirements for improved asset management planning has led to municipal and conservation authority staff taking a closer a look at green infrastructure cost. At the same time, wide scale adoption of green infrastructure has not taken place yet. Demonstration sites have not been replicated on mass and adoption barriers are tied directly to higher upfront costs and poor payback period for private property owners even with a stormwater credit in place.

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and its STEP partners are focusing on improving the business case for green infrastructure by building economies of scale. CVC’s efforts focus on looking at private property aggregation for communal green infrastructure design using the Drainage Act (DA) that helps support the larger municipal stormwater management system. A cost comparison will be conducted between the communal GI design on private property with a conventional stormwater system design on public lands meeting the same level of service for a 35 Ha site and then 500 Ha block to see if cost efficiencies can be found and how savings can be distributed to improve payback period for GI. As this is an ongoing project, the following webinar will provide an update on the approach, status, challenges and lessons learned. If you’re conducting a similar project or will be, this is a great opportunity to compare notes and ask pertinent questions.


Learning Objectives:

1) Understand the unique approaches to communal GI design on aggregated private property
2) Learn about processes for conducting cost comparisons inclusive of co-benefits and cost data collection
3) Discuss the challenges and lessons learned in conducting such a project

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