SWAMPThe Stormwater Assessment Monitoring and Performance (SWAMP) Program was initiated in 1995 by the Government of Canada’s Great Lakes Sustainability Fund, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), and the Municipal Engineer’s Association, along with host municipalities and other owner/operators.   The major goals of the program were to evaluate the effectiveness of stormwater technologies and disseminate study results and recommendations within the stormwater management community.   Between 1995 and 2002, ten stormwater management facilities were monitored and evaluated.  These included:

  • Wet ponds and constructed wetlands (4 studies)
  • Underground storage tanks (1 study)
  • Flow Balancing Systems (1 study)
  • Oil and Grit Separators (2 studies)
  • Infiltration/ Exfiltration Systems (2 studies)

Other products of the SWAMP program included an investigation of the storage and transport of chloride (a major constituent of road salt) in stormwater ponds, a discussion paper summarizing data analysis and statistical evaluation methodologies used in SWAMP studies, a stormwater pond sediment maintenance guide, and the proceedings of three major conferences.


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