Webinar – Use of the Drainage Act for Greenfield Development (Previously Recorded)

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Estimated time requirement: 4 hours

This webinar is mainly intended for development, infrastructure and/or stormwater engineers looking to gain knowledge of the Drainage Act and how it can assist in developing sustainable stormwater solutions

Learning objectives:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of the Drainage Act and its potential to facilitate economically sustainable, mutually-beneficial public-private drainage infrastructure
  2. Explore how the Draining Act can be used to facilitate adoption of communal, low impact drainage infrastructure in urban greenfield re-development
  3. Understand the role of the Drainage Superintendent in greenfield development
  4. Learn from two case studies in Ontario municipalities where the Drainage Act has been used for greenfield development
    • Radcliffe Subdivision Town of Erin, Wellington County
    • Villages of Long Point Bay Subdivision (Port Rowan), Norfolk County

Agenda and Presenters – Click Here

Additional information:

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