Innovation Park – Build Partnership

Innovation Park hosts a number of state-of-the-art labs demonstrating low carbon technology, low impact development stormwater management, green infrastructure, and renewable and smart energy systems.

Serviced building plots will be connected to an innovative stormwater management system including a bioretention swale, underground storage chambers, and low impact development strategies. Each building plot will have the opportunity to tie into the onsite renewable energy smart grid and district heating and cooling system.

architects and developers review blueprints

The individual building plots will either rotate or be updated every five years, during which time they will provide opportunities for undertaking performance verification and in-use research.

Each plot will be developed by a single entity known as a “build partner.” A build partner may be a single organization or a consortium of organizations.  Each build partner will be required to agree to the aims and objectives of the project and specific requirements of the individual plot theme, such as performance benchmarks and metrics for the following areas:

  • Reduced energy consumption (minimum 15% reduction in energy consumption over 2017 Building Code)
  • Low / Renewable energy
  • Recycled content
  • Advanced materials
  • Airtightness
  • Durability
  • Water reuse
  • Construction waste
  • Stormwater quantity and quality
  • Biodiversity targets

Additional consultation will further outline opportunities and objectives for research and monitoring, technical performance verification, and overall collaboration.  By agreeing to develop a plot, build partners receive the following benefits:

  • Sponsorship of the plot for a period of five years (including construction period)
  • Serviced building plot
  • Ability to test new construction techniques, products and services in a safe environment with reduced risk versus implementation in an inhabited environment
  • Access to new technologies and supply chains
  • Opportunity to develop a focused, bespoke research program
  • Use of the building for the duration of the agreement on a shared basis
  • Access to the international BRE Innovation Parks Network
  • Networking and partnership opportunities with STEP’s stakeholder network
  • Gateway signage
  • Visitor Centre signage
  • Logo included in visitor guide
  • Logo recognition on website sponsor page, with link to company website
  • Use of Innovation Park logo on related outside marketing initiatives throughout the duration of the contract


Interested in becoming a Build Partner?