Evaluation of Solar-Assisted, Electric and Gas Golf Carts – Bathurst Glen, Richmond Hill, Ontario


SolarGolfCarts_picElectric and hybrid vehicles have garnered a lot of attention over the past several years as consumers look for ways to promote cleaner air and reduce costs associated with rising oil prices. In this study, we examine the potential benefits of small electric vehicles by comparing the relative cost, energy use, and emissions of gas, electric and solar electric golf carts.

The side-by-side test was conducted at Bathurst Glen golf course in Richmond Hill with two gas carts, two standard electric carts and two solar assisted electric golf carts. Carts were assessed with respect to energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions, dependability and overall capital and operating costs.

Results showed that, compared to similar sized gas carts, electric carts are about three times more fuel efficient, produce one quarter the green house gas emissions and have 85% lower fuel costs. The solar assisted carts produced about 12% more electricity, and were generally preferred by golfers surveyed.