Where Did All the Concrete Go?

This webinar highlights lessons learned from landscape planting to reduce erosion and limit sediment transportation.

Presentation Overview:

Pouring a concrete channel is quick, and arguably results in a “neat” watercourse. But with the days of the concrete channel gone and its replacement, the natural channel, maturing, the fast and effective establishment of natural vegetation to achieve stabilization has become an essential art.

It starts with a technical drawing, which is then implemented as natural and enduring sediment and erosion control, with its primary functions as stormwater collection, filtration, and conveyance, around and away from built assets, while recharging aquifers and supporting flora and fauna life.

Case studies will be used to highlight lessons learned from landscape planting to reduce erosion and limit sediment transportation: effective mobilization, cover crop timing windows, and strategic use of other stabilization measures.

Establishing vegetation communities consistently under variable conditions takes skilled restoration teams, attention to detail, and humility to whims of the weather.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to translate landscape drawings from paper into plants in the ground, including a discussion of timing, preparation, and maintenance.
  • Provide insight into key timing windows to achieve stabilization with seed application and reach the 80% cover goal.
  • Understand the key difference in planting strategies for natural channels versus shorelines.


Michelle Letourneau and HT Lam, Savanta


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