Webinar – Planning and Design of Low Impact Development (LID)

September 20, 2018
12:00 – 1:00 pm
Instructor: Jen Hill

Course Description

This webinar will introduce and help orientate attendees with the revised, online Low Impact Development Stormwater Management Planning and Design Guide.  The guide was initially developed to provide engineers, ecologists and planners with up-to-date information and direction on landscape-based stormwater management practices; to support the continued health of streams, rivers, lakes, fisheries and terrestrial habitats across developed watersheds in Ontario. Contributions to the revised guide have been made by several conservation authorities, increasing the scope of the project to account for the priorities in different ecosystems and jurisdictions.

Previous content has been reviewed and new content created to help design practitioners achieve regulatory compliance within their municipality or region, and in line with MOECC targets. Information from a recent review of infiltration practice performance (2018) and building integrated LID opportunities (2018) are also being incorporated this year.

Any design professionals or reviewers concerned with using the information within the guide will be interested to hear about the revision process, the feedback mechanisms and the easy citation tool.


Who Should Attend?

This webinar is intended for anyone learning about LID design or who regularly refers to the “Low Impact Development Stormwater Management Planning and Design Guide Version 1.0 (2010)”, or who wishes to take part in ongoing development of LID across Ontario.


Learning Objectives:

1. What information the guide contains and how it relates to other documents, tools and projects by the Sustainable Technology Evaluation Program (STEP).
2. How to efficiently navigate the guide for pertinent information.
3. How to cite the guide in professional design documents and permit submissions and how to keep track of updates.
4. How to be an active participant in ongoing guide revision and amendments.


Additional information:

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