Jill Attwood



Jill is a Senior Project Manager at Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA).  She has over 15 years of experience as an environmental professional specializing in terrestrial and aquatic ecology. She can attribute much of her success as a specialized environmental consultant to her vast experience in both the private and public sectors. In the public sector Jill served as an environmental representative for both municipal and provincial agencies. In the private sector Jill has represented clients from governing agencies, developers, oil and gas industry, mining industry, contractors, municipalities, first nations and special interest groups across central, northern and western Canada.

Her experience of both regulatory and contractor requirements brings a unique ability to represent her clients and industry through initiatives allowing for growth while not compromising the environment. Jill’s experience ranges from hydroelectric power operations in northern Ontario, to oil industry operations in western Canada, to subway stations in southern Ontario. This exposure has provided her with experience in representing clients to municipal, provincial and federal agencies with regards to regulatory compliance as well as violation.

Jill strives to participate in multiple seminars and presentations for regulatory agencies, developers, contractors, municipal authorities as well as associations and has influenced the start of significant changes in Best Management Practices, Guidelines and Certification for environmental protection measures and protocols used throughout the industry.

 Her unique experiences have recently lead to her becoming a supplier to the industry she has worked in. Through supply of specialized erosion, sediment and spill control she hopes to further assist the construction industry. Jill holds certification in Ontario Wetland Evaluation, Ecological Land Classification, Electrofishing and CISEC #654/CAN 0006