Using the Drainage Act to implement green infrastructure on private property in urban areas to meet the stormwater management criteria

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June 2, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm America/Toronto Timezone
Online Webinar

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Learning Objective: To build understanding of the Drainage Act as a tool to help municipalities implement green infrastructure on private property as part of the treatment train to meet the stormwater management criteria


Description: In Part B, Chapter 5 of the “A Guide for Engineers working under the Drainage Act in Ontario” reference is made to use of the Drainage Act in urban areas to implement Low Impact Development in the stormwater treatment train. Historically, stormwater issues have led to numerous problems for private property owners (drainage problems that cross property boundaries has led to legal disputes between neighbors) and municipalities (municipalities have faced numerous challenges accessing and maintaining stormwater infrastructure works on private property and constructing new stormwater works on public land alone can be restrictive and costly). Furthermore, managing stormwater on public lands alone limits municipalities’ ability to meet the systemwide ECA stormwater criteria. The Drainage Act is a powerful mechanism that can be used to address these problems.

This workshop will highlight the work Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) has been doing with 13 properties in the Southdown District in Mississauga applying the Drainage Act to the development of an aggregated stormwater management solution using green infrastructure. In this case study the Drainage Act is used to develop a stormwater management design that solves drainage issues across the site, helps achieve volume and quality controls, allows for cost sharing between all stakeholders, ensures maintenance can be carried out by the municipality into the future, extends the life of the existing infrastructure and reduces the need for more expensive end of pipe solutions. This workshop will also provide an overview of a guidance document that CVC has been developing to highlight how the Drainage Act can be applied in urban contexts to address the above noted challenges.

For background on the Application of the Drainage Act in Urban Settings please listen to the following recording before the workshop:  The password is UseDAGD2019   

The June 2nd workshop will provide a brief overview of the Drainage Act and will focus more on how it is being applied to a case study in Southdown, Mississauga.