Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan Implementation: Showcasing LID Retrofits

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June 24, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm America/Toronto Timezone
Amanda Slaght

STEP Webinar Series 2021


The Fletchers Creek Sustainable Neighborhood Action Plan (SNAP) was endorsed by Brampton City Council and CVC Board of Directors in 2019. The plan aims to bring together local residents and community leaders to make the neighborhood more resilient to climate change. Like many older neighborhoods, the Fletcher’s creek area lacks stormwater management controls. As a result, Fletcher’s Creek receives stormwater runoff directly from neighborhood streets, parking lots and driveways which results in poor water quality, flooding and bank erosion. Fletcher’s creek is also a regulated habitat for the endangered Redside Dace.

One of the aims of this SNAP is to retrofit parks and neighborhood streets with green stormwater infrastructure to reduce runoff, improve water quality and to promote greater biodiversity. In response to this aim the Glendale Raingarden was constructed in 2019 and the Haggert Avenue Bioswale in 2020. The presentation will also outline how the SNAP process catalyzed the implementation of these green infrastructure projects and helped to generate interest and experience for wider scale adoption.


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This webinar is part of the STEP Water 2021 Webinar Series.

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